Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Make history.

We must give to others, that which we ask for ourselves. It isn't possible to live a worthy life without following this path.

I cannot overly express the appreciation and respect I have for each individual who has had the courage and caring to begin living vegan. Thank you and thank you again. For those who continue to support harming others...please consider what you are doing and who you are harming. You, whether you want to or not, are aligning yourself with monsters and destroying innocent lives. Please go vegan.


Bea Elliott said...

I too have a hard time thanking others who have chosen to live in a gentle way. When I first found out I was not, I just knew I had to make up for lost time and support each and everyone of these advocates in any way I could. I also wanted to ask many times: "why I wasn't told sooner?". But of course the monsters and destroyers make their own message so loud and bewitching - It's easy to be kept unaware.

I love this video! I love the message! I love anyone courageous enough to ask the right questions and to do the right thing when they realize what that is. Truly, extending peace and justice to everyONE, is the most important social challenge in our history. Proud to stand next to you in this goal veganelder. Thank you. <3

veganelder said...

Thank you commenting Bea. Indeed, I'm in solidarity with you and pleasurably so.

I'm glad you liked the video, it really struck me when I stumbled across it. I thought the whole thing was pretty well done...both the visuals and the music complemented one another very well.

I like that line floating around that says something like "the only thing you'll regret if you go vegan is that you didn't do it sooner". Yup, I identify strongly with that too.

joan.kyler said...

One of the most moving moments of my life so far, was hearing Chrissie Hynde, of the Pretenders, sing 'I'll Stand By You' at a Farm Sanctuary benefit while they showed a film of farm animal abuse and rescue. Unfortunately, because it was a Farm Sanctuary benefit, most, if not all, in the room were already vegetarians or vegans. I wish this could have been done for the general public. The film and the song touched our hearts. Everyone in the room was crying in grief for the abuses and for joy for the rescues - of which there are far too few.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Joan. Far far too few indeed. A far better world for all will come when the rules of harm become the exceptions and the exceptions of safety and care become the rules.