Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bea and her babies.

Bea the bunny (named in honor of the incomparable Bea Elliott) came to us via the OKC animal shelter. While she was at the shelter she gave birth to 4 babies but only 3 survived. Her children's names are Sparkle, Sparky and Finn.
Bea's children.

 Sparkle, the little girl and Bea the mom got along very well and when time came to separate the kids (because conflict erupts otherwise...those with teenage human children are familiar with this...separating bunny babies from mom is similar to human children leaving home), Sparkle and Bea remained together.
Sadly though, Sparkle recently died. We're not sure of the cause. One of the horrendous things that have been inflicted on the bunnies is lots and lots of inbreeding and many of the buns, especially the white ones have physiologies that contain ticking genetic time-bombs just waiting for the right moment or circumstance to wreak havoc on their health. This may be what caused Sparkle's death...she was a very young and healthy appearing girl.

Finn is the smallest of the two remaining boys. Sparky is a bit bigger and a tad less sociable than Finn. Finn loves to get free run of the south warren and he zips all over the place, visiting the other bunnies. He recently had a bout of head tilt but luckily has seemed to manage to recover fairly well...thanks to Jeannie's efforts and with assistance and help from Christina. He's a lucky boy.

Finn playing outside.
Bea and her children are each a little shy but warm up very well once they get past their initial timidity.

Finn has one other characteristic that sets him apart from his siblings, he has fur that is very silky is one of the first things your hands notice when you touch him. If it feels as good inside as it does on the outside...then he must feel terrific all the time.

Sparky resting after being outside.
Giving birth to children while in a homeless shelter is not a great situation. Luckily for Bea Heartland Rabbit Rescue was available as a resource for her and the kids and now they have a place to live for as long as need be. They also were lucky in that there are humans who support animal rescues and shelters by donating items for the animals and funds to help care for them. Bea the bunny, and Finn and Sparky have a special human who helps Heartland care for them by donating to the Heartland cause. That's where Bea got her name.

Bea Elliott is special also in that she supports all animals by writing blogs and engaging in activism supporting the vegan cause. You can read her work here and here. She also shares her home with a number of her fellow (formerly homeless) Earthlings in addition to being a supporting member of the Heartland Family. Thank you Bea!

Thanks also to each of you that support the work of the folks who provide shelter and care for our fellow Earthlings.

Please support your local animal rescues and sanctuaries...especially those that advocate for a vegan world. The only way we're going to begin to move to a planet where the need for animal rescues and sanctuaries is minimized is if humans adhere to a vegan approach to living. Bea the bunny does this everyday, as do all the bunnies at Heartland. Bea Elliott does this every day too....the least we all can do is to follow their examples.


Laloofah said...

I couldn't agree more, Bea is a very special human! And her namesake is clearly a very special bunny! :-)

That first photo is especially adorable, but how sad that Sparkle died. No doubt you're right that it was caused by the absurd and sadistic genetic manipulation some humans inflict on companion animals for their own vanity (and on other animals for profits' sake).

May you, both Beas, Finn and Sparky and all the bunnies at Heartland live long and prosper! Thanks to you and Bea for all the wonderful, meaningful, important work you do on behalf of all animals everywhere. You are both an inspiration!

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Laloofah. Thank you also for your kind words. I'll pass them along to Bunny Bea, Finn and Sparky.

Your writings and photos are enjoyable and inspirational for me...thank you.

Have Gone Vegan said...

Aw, what bea-utiful bunnies! ;)

And yay for all the Bea's everywhere who are helping our world go vegan sooner, but especially our Bea, cuz she's awesome. :)

Bea Elliott said...

I can't say how humbled I am by the honor of having my name-sake bestowed on such a lovely being! In the case of Bea it is a shortened version for Beatrice, "she who brings joy". I can know for certain at least that Bunny Bea does just that!

So sorry for Sparkle. I'd like to think that she's joined her sibling who is also and forever a twinkling Little Star. <3

Finn and Sparky! What totally cool names! Glad that head tilt issue was remedied. Thank you Jeannie and Christina for making it so. It would have been a terrible handicap to endure.

Bea and her surviving sons are so, so lucky to have found refuge in Heartland. I know as well as all your readers that a more conscientious and loving environment would be impossible to find.

I am thrilled to have Bea share my name. What a true honor that leaves me giggly and teary-eyed at once. Thank you for this. Thank you for sharing the photos and lives of her children. Thank you for the kind words of praise - I only wish I could live up to half of what you (and others before) have said... Bea, her babes, and all the treasured others are evidence that the Heartland name suits them just right as well! Cheers to all! ;)

Anonymous said...

Bea is a lovely name! and thank you for the post, the photos, and for sharing the sad news about Sparkle.

veganelder said...

Thank you Bea and DEM for commenting.

Bea: We're all glad you are pleased with the pics and the names...and thank you for your kind words. For the bunnies especially, Heartland is a magical place. Bea and Finn and Sparky all know they have a special friend in you.

DEM: Thank you for your comment and your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful bunnies in this and the previous entry. Sad one of the babies did not survive. The consequences of selective breeding is as you point out a problem with rabbits . Their teeth, as I was told by our vet , keep growing and in some unfortunate rabbits need to be filed down, which is a huge worry. Rabbits need a lot of care and sadly few people properly understand this. Lovely to hear about such a caring place for rabbits. I only wish there were more places like Heartland Rabbit Rescue.

Christina said...

Bea and her children are wonderful beings. Finn is very special to me, very special. I can't take any credit. Jeannie and Finn did all the work but I am so proud to see how great he is doing.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting RFAVS and Christina.

RFAVS: Thank you for your kind words. Bea and company are beautiful and I wish too that all needful animals had someplace like Heartland.

Christina: You're being too modest...but you're right Finn did much you wrote...he's very special.