Sunday, April 7, 2013

Some posts elsewhere...

I try to stay up with writings from other folks, mostly those who are ethical vegan in outlook. This recent Easter period resulted in a couple of very powerful pieces that I thought I might steer you to in case you hadn't discovered them for yourself.

The first is from "Once upon a Vegan" and, for me, is one of the sadder writings that I've ever's also courageous and evocative.

The second is from "So I'm Thinking of Going Vegan" and here the author is dealing with anger...and doing so very eloquently.

Lots of other great writing and stimulating goes on all the time with other blogs but you already know that. These two posts, however, really stuck with me and I wanted to share.

If you want to share, then do so by living vegan, if you don't already. If you do....then thank you from all Earthlings...if you don''s never too late to start.


Bea Elliott said...

I'm pleased that my story elicited the kind of response I was hoping for... But there was never any doubt it would touch those already awake. The big question always is... How to rouse those still in slumber. :(

The "Easter-anger" post by HGV really hit a cord with me. I totally understand the disappointments and frustrations seeing the murderous rituals hidden in holiday celebrations. For me, being lied to brings such a rage it's hard to contain. Faking reality is bad enough - When it's a cover-up to hurt others... Well, it's just down-right dirty!

And the ethical, vegan answer is just so, so simple. If only they could see. :/

Have Gone Vegan said...

Yes, Bea's post was indeed brave and evocative and sad. Made me think of the numerous times I too have failed to do the right thing by animal companions who relied on me. :(

Glad my post resonated with both you and Bea. The lovely responses I received made me feel less alone in my frustrations. Sadly, I've done a really bad job of keeping up in the blogosphere (didn't even reply to my own post until 2 weeks later!), so I apologize for not stopping by sooner to thank you for the link.

Hope Spring is keeping you warm and well! :)

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Bea and HGV.

Bea: There's an old notion in science about paradigm shifts...essentially that not many scientists ever really change their mind if presented with new evidence refuting previous theories...some do...but not many. What has to happen for the majority to accept new ideas is for the old opponents to die off and be replaced with newbies used to the new ideas. ( Now that apparently happens in science...the one endeavor wherein participants are committed to the notion of "objectivity" and "facts" and "evidence"! :-)

That doesn't bode well for getting people to see, unless they're somewhat unusual or they are young. :-)

Thank you for your great post.

HGV: Good that you felt less alone. No apologies necessary. Spring is swinging wildly down here, thanks for the good wishes...and thank you for your great post.