Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Driving by the dead.

It's about 12 and 1/2 miles from my house to Heartland Rabbit Rescue. I go south out of Norman on I-35 for a couple of miles, across the South Canadian River then I turn west and travel about 5 more miles. Then I turn south on another highway and go south and west until I'm there. Once I'm there I visit Cutie.
She is shown out on the grounds where she will aggravate other bunnies if she gets a chance or she might undertake a digging project and move much more dirt than seems possible as she digs herself a tunnel.
Cutie again.
I'll also visit Albert too. He often is given the chance to

run free and he will galoomp all over the warren grounds busying himself with whatever comes to his mind and/or attention. If he spots a human and he is of a mind to...and he is usually of a mind to. He will run really hard and fast toward that human and come to a screeching stop right at their feet and wait. He wants a head rub. If he gets what he wants...he'll take as much as he wants at that time and then he'll take off again.

Cutie and Albert are safe. They are cared for. They are appreciated and marveled over.

While driving to the rescue, after I turn to the southwest, over on the north side of the road there is a group/herd of bison.
This group certainly contains mothers and their babies, whether there are any grown guy bison in the group is not known to me.
Baby and mom.
These beings aren't safe. They aren't cared for beyond what is needed to be done to make sure they live long enough to be profitable to kill.

They are beautiful. Their ancestors were here long before any human animals. This part of North America was and is their ancestral home. Now they don't run free. Now they have tags in their ears. Now they are living but they are dead.

Seeing them every day I make the trip...seeing them on the way there and seeing them on the way back is painful and sad-making. It's quite a depressing juxtaposition. I'm traveling to a place where some beings are made safe but to get there I have to travel by the walking dead. They are beautiful beings, magnificent even...but that counts for nothing...they are dead. They are used to benefit a human or humans. Their lives, their cares, their desires, their pains, their fears, their joys big or small...all count for nothing except as might contribute to profit for some human animal.

There are other sorts of beings I drive by...cows...you may do so too. Most of us often pass by areas where the living dead are kept. If you don't do anything else...next time you see a cow or a sheep or a buffalo or anyone else that is one of the living dead...at least suffer a twinge and send them an apology of some kind. For the buffalo at least...we're not only killing them...we stole their homes too.

I'm always happy to see Cutie and Albert and each and every other bunny at the rescue and Midnite and Judy and Molly. But...every trip there and every trip back carries a load of sadness and helplessness. No matter how many are safe at the rescue...many more are dying or are the future dead.

Doing your part to end this culture of death and exploitation will necessitate living as a vegan...please don't put it off any longer. That buffalo baby doesn't deserve what is going to be done to him...and it is all absolutely unnecessary....and wrong.


Christina said...

I see them too and think about them. Just as I do all the animals that are killed in the road.

Cutie is a delight. I am glad we can call her safe.

Anonymous said...

I had no ideas rabbits were so cool until I started reading this blog! I love the screeching to a stop for a scratch ....
Bunny Rescue: GO!

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Christina. I'm glad you think about the buffalo too. They need any and all kindness and consideration we humans have. The road dead, I apologize to each one I see...both going to and coming from the rescue...I have lots more thoughts/feelings about them but here isn't the place.

Cutie and all the other safe ones...yeah..that makes me grateful, at least for them.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting DEM. I'm glad the rabbits are a bit more known. I think the lies we are all told about the "dumbness" and all the other derogatories about our sister and brother animals ends up making us the dumb ones...or at least the uninformed and blind ones. I'm fairly certain that each and every sort of animal on our most beautiful planet is just as complex and cool and interesting as any other...if we just were willing to get to know them.

The might not have "bunny magic" but I bet they would have their own type of "magic". :-)

Bea Elliott said...

I'm always happy for the saved and safe ones too! Being in the kind of world we're in... The bunnies, chickens, cats, dogs, pigs and so on have all hit the "magical" lucky lottery of life. It shouldn't be so - But it is...

I wish this lucky lottery were so for all - For the buffalo you pass tending to the other refugees, and for my field of "Angus" cows that empties out every 3 months or so.

Their ghosts still live there - Just like they do on the land stolen from the bison - "tamed", caged, tagged and "finished". Pity on man for his savage lusts. :(

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Bea. Their spirits will haunt us forever. Their pain is unwarranted, their deaths unnecessary...and our behavior unconscionable.