Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The two events that serve to mark the onset of winter have happened here. The first event is associated with freezing. We recently had several nights here where the temperature went below freezing and stayed that way long enough to kill off the tomato and pepper plants. Even those plants that were wrapped in sheets....flannel ones no less. Didn't matter...all died so that's the end of the summer growing season.
Behind Nessie...the remains of the tomato plants.
Nessie Ray was out helping me survey the freeze effects and is very much more interesting to look at than are the dreary brown/black plants behind her. Nessie had a very difficult molt this autumn...she is mostly through it now and her winter coat is thick and velvety feeling. For a time her coat looked pretty raggedy and her disposition matched it. No longer though...she's all spruced up and smooth.

The second factor that confirms winter is that the mighty Princess...Gracie Rae...crept up onto our bed and slept for several nights. Bobby Ray sleeps with us every night...not Gracie though. She finds various locations around the house to spend her nights but she is an excellent indicator of cold weather because when the cold shows up...so does she. Otherwise...it is a bit beneath her to sleep with the peasants.

The sweet gum tree in our backyard is about 3/4ths of the way through losing all of its leaves and they made a nice carpet on this day.
Sweet Gum Leaves.
So...once the tomato plants die off and the Princess Gracie shows up in bed at night...that's the beginning of winter for me. What the calendar says doesn't matter.

Welcome Mr. Winter...

You can be a much more gracious companion for all the seasons and for all the Earthlings if you live your life as an ethical vegan.


Bea Elliott said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! I never quite thought of the leaves from my oaks as making a suitable carpet - Hum... Perhaps I should! I do lovingly call the place "home sweet acorn" though.

And even though I'm in Florida - nature has a way of adjusting for the coming cold too by way of the hens. Several of the girls are in a deep molt and pretty cranky about it too. The best thing about winter for them is the daily addition of cracked corn in their bowls. They love it so!

Hugs to Nessie and her gorgeous new coat! And may comforting warmth in mind and body stay in your home till Spring brings her own charms and delights. Peace to all who dwell in the veganelder abode. <3

Laloofah said...

I absolutely love that photo of Nessie and her inquisitive schnozzle. :-) She's precious! And she looks as plush and velvety as you describe her. It must be wonderful, on so many levels, to cuddle her.

I'd be sad to see the tomato plants go, but I do love winter. More accurately, I love the variety and rhythm of the seasons. I love how you mark the start of winter! :-) We've had a couple of hard freezes and a couple of snowfalls (one dumped several inches), but mostly we've had pretty pleasant weather. Tomorrow is supposed to be 61ยบ before it turns windy and much colder on Thursday.

And speaking of Thursday, may I just say that on that day more than any other, I love and appreciate my fellow vegans! So here's wishing you and your family (furry and otherwise) a gentle day of gratitude and love.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Bea. Leaves are beautiful...on a tree...and off a tree. :-)

Molting...it is a curious thing...some bunnies sail through it and some get absolutely eaten up with the grumps. The hormonal shift that causes the molt plays hell with some bunnies.

Any tasty addition to foodstuffs is always appreciated by bunnies, cats, chickens and humans. :-)

Thanks for the hugs for Nessie (she hates hugs so I will give her strokes...she loves those) and same back to you and yours. Enjoy the season, please.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Laloofah. I think it would be great to cuddle her but she hates hugs or being held...she does love being head rubbed (when she's in the mood) and can flat wear you out doing that. She's a great companion though and will nag at your legs or feet if she wants headrubs.

I like the seasonal changes too, although I wouldn't mind autumn lasting 6 months or so but what the hey. You have probably already had our whole winter...of lots of it anyway. We had that cold snap I wrote about and it has been terrific weather ever since. My tomatoes would be going strong if the freeze hadn't occurred.

I'm with you re Thursday...I appreciate vegans too on Thanksvegan day. :-) Please enjoy yours!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! What a fabulous bunny.

veganelder said...

Thank you DEM. The bunny concurs with your evaluation. :-)

We are grateful that she lives with us.

Laloofah said...

Head rubs it is, then (and only when she wants them!) :-)

veganelder said...

Thank you for re-commenting Laloofah. Nessie thanks you for the head rubs. :-)

Christina said...

Aw Nessie, you always appear beautiful and dignified.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Christina. I passed along your compliments to Nessie and she appreciates them. :-)