Saturday, July 28, 2012

On behalf of Jojo...

Jojo is pictured on the left (sorry for the quality of the photo, I haven't had a good picture taking session with him yet). He is colored with the markings of the sort of bunny that is called Dutch. If you take the time to read the article I've linked to, you will discover that those markings were developed by folks living in England who fiddled around with "breeding" rabbits. He belongs to a popular can even purchase items to wear or carry that advertise your liking for "Dutch" rabbits.

I'm reluctant to use the term "breed". I find it sort of a number of ways. For one, it reminds us of our own arrogance...who in hell are we to be playing with the reproductive behaviors and pardners of someone else?

Use of the word "breed" is also used to obscure the individuality of each of the beings that are tagged with the term. Cliches like the notion that pit bulls are aggressive, they're "bred" for it (Petey, the dog with the ring around the eye on the old our gang movies, was a pit bull...real scarey huh?). In truth, it is a stupifying term. It may seduce you into thinking you know more than you do.

You know as much about an animal when you are told their "breed" as you do when you are told that a human animal is Finnish or Korean.  You may have some information about their external appearance (no guarantee necessarily) but except for that it is up to you to become familiar with the particular personalities, dispositions, likes, dislikes, etc of the individual in question. Stereotypes abound...but if you think you actually know anything about the Finnish human or the Korean without knowing them...guess're probably wrong.

Moving on from the breed rant (smile) brings me back to Jojo, which is where I started. He's not a baby, nor is he an oldster...he's probably anywhere from a year to three years old...and that's a guess. He's really needy right now, any human he sees is vamped mercilessly by his standing up and stretching toward them. He wants attention, petting on the head, holding...needy, needy. He's also un-neutered. He's been with us for a couple of weeks, is feeling better and safer so now he also gifts the Heartland director with a urine spray when he sees her (he thinks she's cute).

On behalf of Jojo, I want to protest this:
What you see are lesions and the absence of hair covering the lower part of his body most likely because of urine scald. Jojo was forced to sit in urine for long, long periods. We're talking days, weeks, months. All because....well....because somebody failed to properly care for him.

By the way, I blocked out Jojo's "privates" because I didn't know if he would object to my showing them to others or not. He probably wouldn't care...but better to err on the side of caution.
In the lower picture you can see Jojo's tail. He still has a bit of hair on the end of it so that it looks a little like a poodle dog tail after one of those strange haircuts some of them are subjected to.

Jojo now appears to be on the mend. His "dehaired" areas are not nearly as red and raw looking as are in the photos and evidence of fuzz can be seen on much of the bare skin. Maybe all his hair will grow back. Maybe.

Jojo, right now, has a lap rabbit disposition. He really really really likes being held and petted. We can speculate that he was isolated and lonely, we know he was neglected...severely....but beyond that...we'll probably never know his history. Jojo doesn't speak English...

But I do...and I can object, I can protest...on his behalf. And I do. We human animals have no business being in control of other animals, none...but when we arrogate the power to ourselves to be so...then with that power goes the obligation to provide a safe, clean, rich and comfortable environment for that meets all their needs. Jojo didn't have that...and I object and protest about this failure...on his behalf.

For a really good post about our arrogance and its impact on other animals you can read this offering over at the Vine Sanctuary News.

Living as an ethical vegan is the only way of behaving that I know of that approaches honoring and respecting the rights of Jojo, and all other sentient beings, to the life to which they are entitled. If you aren't doing that...why not?  Really....why not? If you are...then thank you...both from me and (I think I can speak for him) from Jojo.


Molly said...

Aw, Jojo, what awfulness he went through. :(

I'm so happy that he's made his way to a home where he'll be loved and treated the way he deserves. It's so sad how the majority of humans treat animals.

Christina said...

Jojo is such a loving little sweetie. I am always amazed at the power the animals have to forgive.

Anonymous said...

Ugh: scalding urine! awful. I'm glad Jojo is going to be o.k.
And I think he'd be very pleased not to have his privates posted on the web :). Very respectful!

Anonymous said...

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Bea Elliott said...

I hear you about "breedism".No matter what animal friend I introduce to a stranger-The first thing they ask is "What kind is *it*". Idiots. :(

But poor, poor Jojo! Another infuriating example of human stupidity and "mis-use" of someone else's life! I'm good and mad too! How could anyone with another's vulnerable body in their care let a condition like this happen??? Don't they have eyes? A heart or even a working brain???

It's the cages... If Jojo had the chance to remove himself from sitting in the pee - He sure would have had the sense to do so! People think you can just lock someone in and all the problems with neglect become the victim's issue. Gun control? How about cage control - Obviously in some hands they become weapons too.

I'm so glad though that Jojo found his way to the loving hands at Heartland... He sure is a cutie! <3

Have Gone Vegan said...

Poor JoJo. No wonder he's so needy, so I'm glad that he's finally getting some of those needs met. And that you're objecting and protesting on his behalf. Keep it up! :)

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Molly, Christina, DEM, Bea, HGV and Anonymous.

Molly: Sad is a good word for how we behave much of the time...and while Jojo is safe with's hoping he finds a good forever human family.

Christina: Forgiving, they are remarkable in that respect, aren't they.

DEM: I appreciate you agreeing with my reluctance to "let it all hang out". :-)

Bea: I'm beginning to wonder if there aren't some (many?) who are missing some elements in their makeup. Yes, restricting someone's movement can be a weapon. And Jojo thanks you for your compliment. :-)

HGV: Thank you for the encouragement...and Jojo agrees. :-)

Anonymous: I couldn't figure out if you were spam or not so I erred on the side of inclusion. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :-)