Friday, April 13, 2012


Dear Animals,

We’re sorry we hurt you.
We’re sorry we torture you.
We’re sorry we burn you for fun.
We’re sorry we poke you.
We’re sorry we prod you.
We’re sorry we subject you to a lifetime of pain so we can eat you.
We’re sorry we kick you just to feel better about ourselves.
We’re sorry we rip the skin off your bones while you’re still alive.
We’re sorry we sell you in pet shops and then abandon you when we’ve had enough.
We’re sorry we leave you in garbage cans.
We’re sorry we shove hormones down your throat.
We’re sorry we steal your babies from you.
We’re sorry we throw you off of bridges.
We’re sorry we chain you up all day and all night.
We’re sorry we drown you.
We’re sorry we force you to do unnatural tricks for our entertainment.
We’re sorry we forget to feed you or give you water.
We’re sorry our disgruntled slaughterhouse workers take out all their aggressions on you.
We’re sorry we force you to fight each other.
We’re sorry we force you to fight us.
We’re sorry we use you for transportation.
We’re sorry we sacrifice your life so we can have another leather couch, car seat, belt or pair of shoes.
We’re sorry we make you scream in pain and then put a picture of a smiling chicken on the box.
We’re sorry we make you feel like you are part of the family and then forget about you when the baby comes.
We’re sorry we drag you behind our cars.
We’re sorry we keep you in dark, crowded, horrid living conditions.
We’re sorry we force feed you to make you fatter.
We’re sorry we burn your front paws in order to make you stand on two feet so our children can laugh.
We’re sorry we sexually abuse you for our fetishes.
We’re sorry we trap you.
We’re sorry we hunt you.
We’re sorry our shelters still use inhumane methods of killing you.
We’re sorry we subject you to a lifetime of terrorizing experiments so we can have yet another shampoo.
We’re sorry we don’t report our neighbors who are mistreating you to the authorities.
We’re sorry we poison you in the middle of the night.
We’re sorry we humiliate you.
We’re sorry we keep you alone indoors all day long and then get too lazy to take you for walks.
We’re sorry we choke you and suffocate you.
We’re sorry we yell at you.
We’re sorry we leave you out in the cold rain and in the hot sun.
We’re sorry we forget you in boiling hot cars with no open windows.
We’re sorry we intimidate you so we can feel powerful.
We’re sorry we dump you when you’re old and sick.
We’re sorry we sacrifice you for our beliefs and religions.
We’re sorry we starve you as a form of “art”.
We’re sorry we expose you to explosions and gunshots so we can film another movie.
We’re sorry we trap you in zoos so we can watch you suffer.
We’re sorry we treat you like objects that can be exploited for our own selfish purposes.
And most of all: We’re sorry we don’t recognize you for the amazing, intelligent, glorious, magnificent creatures that you are.


We human animals (source: Melissa Vegan MacDonald)

Obviously, not enough of us are regretful...or we would stop making the planet we share with our fellow animals into a grotesque horror show. The only way to stop this is for we human animals to quit lending support to the despicable notion that living beings are property and to live as ethical vegans.


Have Gone Vegan said...

Powerful words! Funny though, but as I was reading them I could have sworn we had discussed once how they would be great on a t-shirt, so lo and behold I pressed the magic search button, and voila! ;)

I have to apologize to my cat all the time. I get impatient, especially when I'm on the computer, and once when I was already frustrated about something else (I hate to even admit this) I hissed at her. I know, I'm horrible! Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Yes, so sorry. So, so,mso much.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting HGV. Super memory, I had linked to the apologies once but not put them in the blog...and was reminded of them by the facebook post.

I don't much mind apologizing for my own's awful though to have to feel such sorrow about the activities of other human animals.

I've not hissed at my cat, I would be a bit scared to actually. :-)

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting DEM. Yup, me too.

Laloofah said...

I, too, wish that everyone's hearts, eyes and minds would open enough to feel true regret over what our species does daily to our fellow beings... true regret that results not in pointless guilt or defensiveness, but in the empowering desire to make necessary changes and no longer participate in the cruelly and carnage. I console myself that though it doesn't happen nearly enough, it does happen everyday, to multiple people.

I was just reading about the tornado in Norman, and the threat again today, and hope you all stay safe and sound!

Amy Patterson said...

I always learn something new from your FB postings ... glad I found your blog. If nothing else, you make me examine my own behavior, and remind me to give my poochies an extra hug! I'll come back and visit again soon.

Amy Patterson said...

P.S. ... I added your blog to my list of "Great Blogs" on my own new "dog blog." :-)

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Laloofah.

The big wind missed this part of town, thanks.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Amy and for your kind comments. Anytime a pooch gets an extra hug is a good thing. :-)

Bea Elliott said...

Yep... That's us humans - Just a sorry, sorry bunch. :(