Sunday, May 8, 2011

FYI on this Mother's day....

To expand your knowledge about this occasion you might want to read this:
The first North American Mother’s Day was conceptualized with Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day Proclamation in 1870. Despite having penned The Battle Hymn of the Republic 12 years earlier, Howe had become so distraught by the death and carnage of the Civil War that she called on Mother’s to come together and protest what she saw as the futility of their Sons killing the Sons of other Mothers.
So, one way to think about this day is that it has to do with Mother's teaching their children to not kill other Mother's children. Good stuff.

Happy Mother's day to all fin, fur, flesh and feather moms. Teach your children well, human Moms can best do this by living and teaching the path of the ethical vegan.

Consider limiting your "Momming" to just one child or adopting (your child doesn't have to belong to the same species you do). If everyone did this for a while all Moms and children would be much better off.


Christina said...

I have seen cats run into burning buildings to save their babies and human Mother's light a building on fire to kill their babies. Something to think about. One of my favorite lines..."Been around the world and find that only stupid people are breeding" and no not everyone is stupid but lately it seems to be getting worse.

Have Gone Vegan said...

Forgot to mention in the previous post that it might not be a bad policy for human mothers that if you want your own biological child, then you have to adopt an existing one first. Plus mandatory training and/or support would be cool too.

veganelder said...

Thanks Christina and HGV for commenting.

Christina: One thing for sure, human animals have no exclusive dominion over mothering.

HGV: I like the proposal.

Bea Elliott said...

Great post! I love the historical perspective that gets to the significance of honoring "Mother" or "Life".

And as much as people will kick and scream at the idea of an eventual "mandatory" limit on Mommying - I'm certain it's not far off... I often think - We require licenses for driving, operating certain equipment, and for many other *privileges* of responsibility. Why not with procreation I'll never know. (?)

I think with human kids, it's the same as with all other babes - Let's not make any more till all the ones here and now have adoring homes. And yes, please let's stop Sons from killing the Sons of other Mothers. That's no way to love anyone's Mom.

veganelder said...

Thank you for commenting Bea. I am not sure the mandatory mommy limits will arrive in time to preclude some bad bad's hoping though.